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Good point. I hadn't thogtuh about it quite that way. :)

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B.C. Burroughs, Esq., and C. Fernsebner wear shoes and tie ties and drink drinks in the Boston area.

Buy one or both a drink and ask, What, pray tell, is a Dude-Kicker? Or, read this.

Telegraphic Brevities

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    To Be Kicked

    • Alfred, Count d'Orsay
      Butterfly of the Regency
    • Beau Brummel
    • John "Bet a Million" Gates
    • Chester A. Arthur
      According to your cloth you've cut your coat / O Dude of all the White House residents / We trust that will help you with the vote / When next we go nominating Presidents
    • Evander Berry Wall
      King of the Dudes
    • Benjamin Disraeli
      The intense dudeness of Lord Beaconsfield